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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Hear the Tiger Roar

Alex and I got up at stupid o clock and drove to Bovington in Dorset. We went to hear the tiger roar, Tiger Tank Mark 1 Number 13 the first captured in WW2 was restored enough for a public display and I was asked to support the Hols for Heroes stand in the entrance hall.
We arrived as early as possible, the 157 mile drive flew by and we were the first in the car park, we helped set up and then wandered around the halls before the public arrived, what a great opportunity;
 Outside we saw some tanks moving around
 Both old and new ones
 Some quite rare ones
 Of course the halls are packed with examples
 Alex has a go on the PIAT simulator
 King Tiger, my what a feck off big gun!

 A Vickers?
 A WW1 Whippet
 A Ferret Mk5 with Swingfire

1 comment:

Hippo said...

That must have been a great boys day out!

If you at interested in BIG radio controlled model tanks, have a look atthis site:

I bought a russian T72 for Dominic and had it shipped to Angola. The Angolan general neighbours we had were astonished and all wanted to play with it.