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Friday, 1 March 2013

Beastly Eastleigh, who'd have thought it

Who really would have thought that teh Limp Dems would hold their seat but most of all that UKIP would push the Tories into 3rd and Labour into 4th place?
Its all good in my books, the Limp Dems winning/retaining a seat using the hated by them first past the post process and the Tories and Labour get shown the door by UKIP!
Now why should this be of interest I hear you ask?
Well its all to do with the Public accounts Committee in Westminster making a fuss over the MoD having lots of stuff in stores.
If I may quote Onetap from the Army Rumour Service;
"I am reminded that of a standard scenario in which the (typically clueless, young and thrusting) managers in production line factories would get regularly aereated at the sight of the maintenance technicians sitting around doing nothing and would demand that they should be gainfully employed doing something/anything. The textbook answer was that you want them sitting around doing nothing; if they're doing nothing, it indicates that there are no current breakdowns and production is running smoothly. If you get them doing something else, then they're not immediately available to respond to a breakdown when it does occur and entire workforce is standing around doing nothing.

It seems the Public Accounts Committee is having trouble grasping the concept of having stores unused and merely being stored in case they may be needed for a war or somethin, whilst selling off the stored stores would raise about 10 p in the £1 on the purchase costs. I'm seriously concerned about the standards in the Public Accounts Committee."

So there you have it, even if it cost the downfall of an allegedly intellectual politician to do maybe the bringing in of another new face will improve matters?

To be honest it wont, it never does, I suppose we should just watch this space to read about the downfall for corruption of a newly elected MP!

Maybe, just maybe Call Me Dave will let us have our plebiscite on Europe this year?

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