Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Another week screams by

There it went, along with my youth, health and wealth. I have been busy, a safety training day at work, a lecture/film on damascus barrel making at the HBSA and getting ready tonight for the shoot annual dinner. I am getting all tweedy in preparation. No beer or vino for me though as I am up early, another insane morning meeting tomorrow, this time in Shoreditch but afterwards I should be nipping back via Holts to catch up on the sale room and view the sealed bid stuff!
Clive sent me this, no good for me as I am neither Ginger nor coordinated;

See you tomorrow at the auctions.

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Thomas the Tout said...

Well, I could not do that. Possibly something to do with the female brain being able to multi-task (OK so long as they don't get all smug about it).

I see that there is a lot of Global Warming happening in the UK. Can't you fix it? One of my offspring is darting over to the home country in a few weeks, and I would like the UK to look its best, please.