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Monday, 4 March 2013

A question of spit

Ok sport if you must, so its reached 1000 episodes, i suppose the BBC feels the need to financially support ageing sports persons at my expense, I just wish they werent so pally and sycophantic. A bit more venom may even make the so called entertainment show a little more watchable.
So I spent another damned cold morning surveying yesterday more than made up by spending the afternoon on the farm with Cristoff the Keeper. He was very succesful in zeroing his .243 alas I couldnt get the Savage .17HMR to play ball.

We did  take out the savagely sportered 1891 Argentinian Mauser and some 150 grain Norma factory soft point. Well worth an hour or two in the sussex sunshine;
All in all so much better than work.

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