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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A wasted day

After what was really a pleasant weekend, watching football and little bit of work thrown in,I had the direst train journey for many a year. I drove in today, Tuesday being a quiet day in my diary, the freedom you get to sit in your car, your choice of background noise (BBC Journo strikes permitting) and warmth paid for by the company makes it almost worth while.
I was a little peeved to discover that the public accounts committee have called for legislation to name tax avoiders.
one would assume that this call to name them all would be across the board, one would hope that in the eyes of the law all are equal but sadly we know it isn't true.
We have the Private Eye to thank for exposing the unaudited cosy little arrangements of HMRC and the elected representatives.
Not only do they get the ability to balance their tax bills in a manner only self employed status usually brings but they also don't pay any benefit in kind payments on all the subsidised services that you and I the general taxpayer funds for them.
Forget about second home mortgage relief and cleaning moats, think about all that free travel claimed, late night half price booze sessions and 4 course sumptuous meals all at less than half cost courtesy of you and I
A mate of mine lives in Eastleigh. He is moaning at the level of idiocy displayed by the main party candidates ringing his doorbell.
If I were him I would ask them a simple question and record their response.
"If I vote for you, will you pay to travel to work out of your salary like the rest of us have to?"

Should be interesting!

Also have those political arsewipes not yet learnt humility, they aren't in power but in office, in office to do the bidding of those who put them there!


Cro Magnon said...

Are you expecting miracles? Maybe we should view this as giving aspiration to the lowly; work hard and you too will get tax-breaks, free travel, and subsidised accomodation!

Bambibasher said...

Well if it were solely down to hard work then I suspect that we would see a different set of politicians in office (not power I really hate that abusive term). Sadly we know the truth is more likely that you will be a politician by virtue of the fact that you have worked as an intern following the correct political degree and your family connections ensured you were noticed by the right people. It has bugger all to do with repaying public service and everything to do with greed!