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Monday, 21 January 2013

Stay off the roads said the bloke on the news

Then within 5 minutes the bloke in charge of the council gritters stated that unless the gritted roads were driven on the salt wouldnt work!
So the T lady and I drove sprog No2 back to Sheffield, a round trip of about 550 miles and all of it on well cleared a roads and motorways. In fact the only problem was continually refilling the washer bottles due to salty slush smearing the windscreen.
On the way there I sold a rifle and on the way back collected another, this much more interesting. A 1904 Portugese Mauser in 6.5 x 58 all original and a couple of boxes of ammo one of which was correct;

A nice feature is the magazine floor plate release catch inside the trigger guard, a well designed rifle.
Its a nice rifle but as its almost 100% original I cant sporter it so I will be getting one or two of the 8mm Mauser later conversions for that!


Hippo said...

Nice to see that there are still those blessed with the community spirit which will drive them miles out of their way to perform a civic duty!

Dan H. said...

Ah well, quite inadvertently today I might've landed a colleague in the smelly. I live up Pendle way, and am cursed with a conscience. I don't cry off work because of snow unless I've had the car stuck or sideways at least once, and this morning it was a wee bit skiddy, nothing a bit of slow and sane driving could't handle.

My colleague in Accrington was apparently completely snowed in. Dozens of millimetres of the stuff; he was encircled by marauding penguins with lasers or something. Anyway, he called in a "work from home" day, I didn't and forbore even from the standard whinge about conditions as it hadn't been dire at all.

Management are now looking funny at him, like.