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Monday, 28 January 2013

More greenwash

So the local unwashed are out in force;
apparently they must have all walked there and not driven along the roads that the rest of us pay for. Perhaps when they are locked up they can bill them for the additional million pounds its ost already because of the so called environmental protestors. I dont normally have much time for road buildng but having enjoyed the A259 car park (its certainly not a road despite a relief road been planned since the early 1970's) I personally thing the great unwashed should get into London and protest against Crossrail being overspent by Bloody Bechtel and HS2 which is another vanity project going to put empty overpriced trains on the track!
Back to Sussex and;
"The group hopes to delay the construction of the £93.8m link road until the start of bird-nesting season in March, when laws limit the cutting down or pruning of trees and hedges.
On Sunday, Conservative councillor Peter Jones said: "These groups represent a serious threat to our democracy.
"There was a major public inquiry in 2009 when all of the arguments they are advancing now were heard. So why don't they just shove off and leave us to get on with this scheme and deliver major benefits for our communities?"
Sussex Police said 20 activists had been arrested since work on the link road began last December.
The new road will link the A259 and B2092, crossing Combe Haven Valley near a site of special scientific interest"
Ah well without road protests there would be little for the trustafarians to do apart from smoke dope!

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