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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Another fine day as it turns out

I took Sassy, Samson, Arthur and Snowdrop the cocker today. I bagged the first  bird and then another, I only fired 3 shots and bagged 2 birds so I am quite happy with my performance. I loaned my gun to another member whose Beretta gave up and my spare to another Beater for a chance and he was succesful. I had as much  fun with the dogs to be honest.
I know I havent put up much in the way of funnies recently so perhaps this will put things  right;

Cheers Clive, one for the christmas list then!

Who says the French dont have a sense of humour?

Cheers Phil!
In the meantime I have a handful of bids in the sealed bid sale so fingers crossed, another weekend shift to complete and a couple of days in town so I may surf the web as there are some great package deals on new Savage and Sauer rifles available!
Its also time to gear up for the British Shooting Show at Kenilworth next month, some new rifles being released so I may be tempted (truth be told I'll probably get a couple of Jumpers as I really need those!).


Hippo said...

Blimey, I was so excited I looked the PAL V up on the internet and started to read the article and look at the pictures then I got to the estimated price of $326,000 and my dick went limp so I guess I am not a murderer.

Hippo said...

I don't know if you picked this blog up which I found in an obscure Daily Telegraph article;

I think it is brilliant.

Bambibasher said...

I get the feed from Gadget and hes a bit like the curates egg. Obviously ex squaddie and anti senior management but still cut and dried establishment in some of his posts. Have you tried grumpy old sod yet?

John Gray said...

Over from hippos blog ( he bigged us all up)
Enjoyed the video
Didn't understand a word but got the gist!
Greetings from welsh wales

Hippo said...

I suppose I am a bit like the Curate's too although what proportion if the iredeemingly bad in me is balanced an optimistic perception of good is questionable!

I agree, there are times when he tows a party line. Getting all sqiffy just because some bloke called a copper a pleb, fucking or otherwise. For goodness sake. The Met made the mistake of getting involved in an argument of class distinction. Everyone has bad days and who knows for how long Call Me Dave had been banging Mr Mitchell's bollocks shut in a drawer because he needed someone to blame for all his failing policies before the minister finally got out into the street and just wanted to ride home as quickly and gingerly as possible? The coppers on duty may not have been plebs when they woke up that morning but they certainly behaved like plebs afterwards. We can all argue that rules is rules but tell me how you would have reacted if you had pulled up as RSM to training batallion and depot and some LCpl RP who knew you well had said to you, 'Sorry Sir, it's after midnight, you'll have to park your car over there and go into the guardroom to sign in.

I like Grumpy Old Sod, btw. I picked him up off your blog.

Bambibasher said...

Welcome to my world bitter and twisted it may be but hopefully occaisionally funny!