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Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Its not often I bother with the christmas thingy but today this cheered me up no end;
Well even if you dont like it I dont care, I'm having a great break so far even if work keeps trying to interrupt. Shoot on saturday yielded 18 Pheasants, 1 woodpigeon and a rabbit. Thats all in spite of horrendous weather driving rain almost horizontally at us. Sassy & Samson were joined by Arthur and Spartacus and didnt let me down, in fact they excelled putting some great birds over the guns, I even snaffled a brace myself.
So sup up and enjoy yourselves over the holiday and dont get caught!


Hippo said...

It is funny how something so innocent can make you feel so good!

Merry Christmas me old chum!

We are having duck for lunch.

Bambibasher said...

Merry Christmas Hippo, we had venison haunch and a turkey crown. So overfed its soup for a while now!
Spent today shooting and like a good gun dealt with dogs first, then guns and almost but sadly not quite missed the daily work conference call. More later