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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Holts today

The last day and a half were spent in good company at Holts auction in Hammersmith, yesterday I used the time to view the sealed bid lots and browse todays auction. I'm not sure if I was totally out of my depth sat in the bid room with a paddle but when this showed up I guessed it was time to get my coat;

Last night was spent in true auction socialising testing the local ales and finishing the night off with a Ruby! Suburban Bushwacker and I looked suitably ropey this morning, I cant vouch for the state of Mr FM but he must have looked as least as bad ( I hope)!


Chauncey le Gardener said...

London auction houses...never a place to find a bargain. Way too many chancer's and speculators.

Far better to get out into the provinces. But even that is getting a waste of time and effort these days.

Bambibasher said...

I have to agree, thankfully there is usually enough misidentified stuff in the sealed bid sale to be interesting!