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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

As wnter approaches

I suppose its time for all the "I dont think you really wanted to do that did you?" clips, so here we start the festive season;
Lets have a look and see if  we can find some more then. Whilst I post this I think of those of us unfortunate enough to be sweltering in crocodile country, you know who you are have a happy christmas!

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Hippo said...

I think I am a lot better off than any poor bastard still inside those trucks! Jesus. The tow truck driver was prety sharp out of his cab, wasn't he?

You have a decent Christmas and New Year. Look at it this way, I may have crocs on the beach and it is bloody hot but at least I don't have all the Christmas advertising!

What I AM going to have is a Christmas Day Baseball game with the kids of the village. Alex's xmas present is a softball set and Dominic's a video camera. Stand by for some really funny 'now you didn't really mean to do that videos' as my four year old son knocks me out with a base ball bat as I get too close in the hope he might finally hit the ball!