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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Today more than ever

I wish I had a fine singing voice, stood at the town war memorial with last years order of service (well its exactly the same service every year!) I found myself cringing at my own voice.
Still its all about remebering those who fell in past wars, those who are still fighting and those bearing the scars mental and physical of that difficult time in their lives when sacrifices made were normal.
I always think of my Grandfather on this day, I often think of him but today him and his brothers are at the front of my mind along with those friends and colleagues lost during and since my few short years of service;

Grandad and his crew

Grandads resting place Sage CWGC

My only picture of Geoff Curtiss, in the back between Big Stu and Dave 1983

A couple of me to remind me that I actually did that all those years ago!


Hippo said...

I would recite Tommy Atkins, by Kipling, if the Civvie bastards would let me.

Ajdshootist said...

You have'nt changed that much!

NotClauswitz said...

Thanks for doing it!

Bambibasher said...

Thanks for the kind comments, in a world where the BBC is its own headline story closely followed by our own legal system preventing us from deporting terror suspects home and false outrage from MPs at foreign companies using the laws these MPs themselves framed to avoid paying tax its nice to know we can all spare some time in the day to reflect upo the sacrifice made by our fathers and those who still give.
I may yet try and get onto the main parade at the Cenotaph next year!

Hippo said...

Considering I live in Angola, miles from the city, it was quite a coincidence when this guy pitched up at my unopen, still under construction restaurant and he turned out to be ex LI. Roger 'Dodge' Brennan.

So I fed him loads of beers and fresh lobster and we chatted about old mates.

I fired up the old laptop and showed him your site.

He is the second ex LI guy I have bumped into here.

Bambibasher said...

I suppose that with us being formed from 6 county LI regiments there must be a fair few of us and the same must be true of our new incarnation; The Rifles, 7 regular Bns from what was in 1945 at least 12 regular regiments with lord alone knows how many Bns. In fact the recruiting area seems to spread from Lands End to Whitley Bay taking in vast swathes of the country and its cities.