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Sunday, 25 November 2012

This weekend I have mainly been

Out in Nuneaton at the English open with the little one. Its his first open tournament and he has lifted his average 40 points this last two months;

and some of this;

and lots of this;

Sadly a 213 average only put us halfway and we needed to be a bit higher placed but for a first  open adult tournament the boy did well.
Next sunday we will be in Ilkeston for another!
I will hopefully be getting some shooting in before hand.

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Hippo said...

We do not have a bowling alley near here. By near here I mean within a few thousand kilomtres. But we do have a golf course so that's where I take my boy for his four hours of lessons a week.

Your lad is a bit of a demon when it comes to swatting the pins!