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Thursday, 8 November 2012

PCC Elections? What a waste of my tax money

Dont tell me if you are going to vote or who for but bear in mind the list attached here BASC the British Association for Shooting and Conversation (sorry should be conservation but they are only interested in themselves) have researched all the PCC candidates and there are no real surprises, some Labour dont support private ownership of firearms and some wont talk to BASC. The UKIP candidate for Sussex stands out (I think he may be a retired copper) as one who is against private ownership of firearms but will talk to BASC. Now for those alone I can no longer vote for him. I wouldnt talk to BASC myself but not supporting a legal right?
Despite the fact that ex plod Blair has called for a boycott (I really do think it would embarrass the Govt) I cant find it in my heart to vote even by post.
What a waste of my tax money!

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