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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bloody BBC

I get in my new car and the radio starts straight away, it should be farming today but apparently the BBC seem to think some popularity contest between a religious loon and a lawyer in some former colony is more important. If it wasn't for the demise of a much loved comedy actor Clive Dunn then I feel sure we would have had 24 hour coverage of the colonial popularity contest.
Now don't get me wrong despite allegations in the celebrity death stakes on the army rumour service I did not actually enjoy the passing of Clive Dunn. In fact although he hasn't worked for many years (I have his best work on a BBC boxed VHS set) I feel sure he will be missed. As we all shuffle along the mortal coil wondering when its our turn I suppose 92 years isn't a bad innings and I would be happy to be remembered in the way he is at the moment.
I suppose the plus side is that with only 1 surviving member of the platoon main characters (we cant count the Vicar, ARP Warden or other bit parts) we will be getting more showings of the great series Dads Army.
It is still shown on a saturday evening on BBC2 and yes I still sit down to watch it and my favourite characters are Walker, Wilson and Mainwaring (ok and Sponge for some strange sheep farming reason) I still laugh at every gag and still spare a thought when they have those thoughtful pauses.
I should like to point out that whilst the nation has only recently mourned the passing of our last surviving 1st world war veterans that we are rapidly losing those from the second world war (Clive Dunn was a Tankie) and we have lost as many former servicemen from the Falklands conflict due to suicide than we did in the actual fighting!
These brave men and women just picked up where the could from before and got on with rebuilding our nation. Their sacrifice in war and peace shouldn't be forgotten.
This weekend when I stand on parade at my local war memorial I will think on lost comrades, friends and relatives that I never met who gave their all so I could be here today.
Thank you

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