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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I know I know, I've been very naughty

I have been so busy at work, yes even me gainfully employed, shock horror. I had to go to North Lincolnshire to visit the head office and collect a company car. I know a car!
More about that later. I have however been running around all over the place. I have been reasonably busy with the auctions. I had a nice surpise, a rifle delivered which I bought in the sealed bid sale (one without a photo too) and I hadnt expected a custom rifle or an original military spec rifle but I actually got a reasonable sportered military Mauser. An Argentinian Modello 1891 in 7.65 x 53mm;
The bolt handle has been cut and welded down to clear a scope, the receiver is drilled and tapped and a rail fitted and the rifle was proofed this year indicating its recently come in from the States where loads of them were sportered. I also managed to order in 250 odd 150 grain soft point Norma rounds in original packaging. I think this will get a quick check over at my mate the Mauser Specialist and then a trip to the range! Well it has to be done doesnt it!
Whilst we are here I thought a quick joke might be helpful;
While visiting the United Kingdom, Winnie Mandela was invited to a cocktail party which was also to be attended by Margaret Thatcher.

When Winnie saw the ex-prime minister on the other side of the room, she barged past everyone, spilling the drinks of several invited guests on the way.

Winnie elbowed her way to Maggie, stood brazenly in front of her and declared,
"I hear they call you the Iron Lady!"

"I have been referred to by that name, yes," replied Maggie, peering down her nose at this impudent upstart.
"And whom, may I enquire, do I have the honour of addressing?" asked Maggie icily.

"I am the iron lady of
South Africa !" bragged Winnie, waving her fist in the air.

"Oh, yes," replied Maggie dryly. "And for whom do you iron?"
Also I think seeing how Call Me Dave must be ecstatic about Jimmy Savilles detractors dragging the BBC through the mud and meaning that no one has thought too much about asking him about his referendum promises again perhaps he could be honest with us all for once
I was considering asking everyone to boycott the local police crime commisioner elections but now that cunt Ian Blair has done the same I may decide to vote!


Henry Mitchel said...

Love that joke. Haha. And that rifle is such so supreme. That's great for deer hunting, I guess...

Anonymous said...

Winnie Mandela,Robert Mugabe two out of the same mould. IMO

Absolutely horrific.