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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

From Field To Stream

Sharing someone elses work is important, it helps their business grow and helps maintain friendships, Andy despite being a typically Scottish Goose Guide is one of the good guys;


Hippo said...

Those poor little iddy biddy birdies... bet they tasted great|

Bambibasher said...

Well we are out duck shooting saturday so hopefully a brace for christmas dinner. I have heard that those geese have already been made into sausages!

Hippo said...

Sausages! I have never heard of gooose sausages but could see them tasting very nice. I have a goose that I always wanted to roast for Christmas but became a pet to the rest of the family. Now, though, he is starting to become very viscious, attacking anyone nearby and trying to cover my boot, pecking at my leg. I know he needs to get laid, evidently quite badly but geese, especially female ones are hard to come by here.

Maybe sausages are the answer. Just steer me to a good recipe!

Bambibasher said...

When I make them its the same as normal snorkers but they are more beefy or lamb like!

Anonymous said...

They need to sort their You Tube links out that they have posted around the various shooting forums. As none of them work. LOL

The new channel wont go far if no one knows they are there or can't watch what they are putting out.