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Sunday, 14 October 2012

As a great weekend draws to a close

I can look back at the fun I have had with Alex, the banter with Chris and the abuse hurled at the television set on Friday evening when our so called sporting heroes took forever to score against the international equivalent of Neasden FC (Sid Bonkers Manager). As it was I thoroughly enjoyed myself, missed my dogs but certainly feel that the time spent in reconnaissance at the 10 pin bowling alley was well spent. Roll on the English Open!
Anyway the reason we came all this way;


Hippo said...

Blimey, that guy is good!

Back in the eighties it was frowned upon for an officer to indulge in such vulgar sport. I was introduced to it at RAF Bentwaters which was really an American base. I was hooked straight away so for all future Company Smokes, I bussed my crew and their families to the local bowling alley.

Bambibasher said...

The video was taken so he can watch it later and analyse his technique. He has been going a few years now and was granted a bursary for his university course as a talented sportsman. Saturday saw his average lift by 11 pins to 183.5 so its nice to see that being away and on unfamiliar lanes really isnt a problem.
He was ranked 12th after the last open he did, thats in the country and not by age group. He does want to try the pro circuit after university!