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Sunday, 30 September 2012

In a some would say desperate effort to restore interest in the UK Currency

The Bank of England has been overheard trying to get the Palace to agree to update its paper money, after all if this doesnt generate a desire to hang onto ten pound notes what will?


Hippo said...


Think of the resultant world wide investment in Sterling! We might even be able to afford to leave the EU...

Bambibasher said...

Good morning, up and out early with the goat?

Hippo said...

Not the goat, as it happens, but because of Charlie, the dog.

Last night Marcia wanted to chuck him out and I persuaded her not to as he would go wild and never obey commands.

How did the little bastard thank me? By laying the stinkiest and most noisily expelled walnut whip on the floor at two in the morning.

Realising I was on my feet, the goat, which sleeps outside now, kicked up a fucking shitstorm so I had to bottle feed her.

Then Doggy, who will only sleep outside supplementing her diet with the crabs she catches wandering around under cover of darkness obviously thought it was an unexpected family reunion so she joined in. So clad only in a hastily pulled on pair of strides I walked barefoot down to the end of the road to let them all burn themselves out and got home an hour later to find the door locked.

I know you were LI and have balls the size of planets but I defy even you to have the courage to wake Marcia up again...

Bambibasher said...

Mate once they are asleep they turn from she who must be obeyedd into she who mustnt be disturbed on pain of death!