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Thursday, 13 September 2012


Now all grief whoring jokes to one side, a lot  of the arguments for opening a new enquiry wasn't about compensation, apparently they only want the truth. Well the truth is that the cops fucked up, yes I used that word. Now the apparent perversion of the course of Justice which carries quite heavy penalties will no doubt be looked at by the CPS and names will be named! However if anyone is under any illusion that its not about compensation I will let you look at this case detailed below. Now read it and tell me that there wont be more?

Alcock v Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police

Brief Summary of the Facts (straight from Westlaw)

There was no duty of care to the friends and relations of those who died in the Hillsborough disaster who watched the event on television.

D was responsible for policing a football match at the Hillsborough stadium where, as a result of overcrowding, 95 people died and many more were injured. Live pictures of the event, an FA Cup semi final, were being broadcast. Ps were all friends or relations of the victims. Some witnessed events from other parts of the stadium. Some saw them live on television, or heard of the events and later saw them on television recordings. All suffered shock and psychiatric illness and claimed damages in negligence from D. At first instance, the judge held that nine Ps who had been in or immediately outside the stadium or had watched it live on television could claim damages but others were excluded. The Court of Appeal allowed D's appeal.

The House of Lords held the Court of Appeal's decision, dismissing Ps' appeal.

You couldn't make it up!!

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