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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Being Ally or just trying too hard?

Allyness, (thank you Paras) or plain warryness as we knew it is an emotive subject on the Army Rumour Service Nowadays. Its got to the point where some folk are just trying too hard, I mmean judge for yourselves;
My first reaction was, "My havent Gimp suits come along!"
 I at first thought they were being stupid but training rarely takes into account the season, having watched a Platoon of PPCLI Recruits in July wearing Arctic kit pulling Pulks around Wainwright Camp in Alberta kind of confirms it, besides training cant be warry;
 My own effort is really about how many different ways there are to cook dehydrated rctic compo mutton stew, curry wins every time;
 The goddfather of allyness/warry looks has to be the SAS Trooper on Ops in the Dhofar;

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