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Sunday, 23 September 2012

A trip to the Dales

In the course of dropping my youngest son, stalking partner and all round good egg, Alex the left hooker at University we stopped over in the Dales near Sheffield. The views were breathtaking and the beer stomach lining. I enjoyed it all especially envious of him having such opportunities ahead of him. The T Lady was of course naturally upset as his leaving but all he wanted to do was go to the pub and watch the football. Roll on Christmas, my shooting partner is back for a month then.

We stayed at a friends farm, views were superb and the local pub was good;

 Interesting beer;
 Tasted very nice;
 Sunset from the pub terrace;
 Village church from the same terrace;
 The pub menu, note the liver and bacon sandwich, Yorkshire 100%!
 Dawn from Dawns place;

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