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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Reintroducing extinct species isnt always clever

Just that if this had been Canada I know for a fact that 100 beers wouldnt have kept us quiet for long;
"..A family of bears has broken into a holiday cabin in Norway and consumed more than 100 cans of beer.

A mother bear and her three cubs broke into the wooden lodge in the north of the country by ripping off a wall, according to Norway's Finnmarken newspaper, and went on to eat and drink nearly all its contents.

The cabin’s owner, Even Borthen Nilsen, told reporters that over 100 cans of Norwegian beer - stored in the hut in preparation for the autumn hunting season - had disappeared.

Bear excrement and footprints – and an awful stench – left him in no doubt that it was the animals that had trashed the place during a night of revelry.

The carnage was discovered by Mr Borthen Nilsen’s mother and grandmother when they returned to the family-owned 26-square foot hut in Jarfjord in Finnmarken.

The bears had also polished off their store of marshmallows, chocolate spread and honey.

Mr Borthen Nilsen, who has studied natural resource management and bears, said: "They had a hell of a party in there.

"The entire cabin was destroyed. The beds and all kitchen appliances, stove, oven and cupboards and shelves were all smashed to pieces.

"They have bitten into the cans and drunk the beer.

"It's almost like taken out of Goldilocks and the three bears."

He added that now that the mother had shown her cubs how to get into the cabin and given them a taste for beer, he feared they might come back for more."

And to think there are folk talking about reintroducing these to britain, havent we got enough drunks already?


Hippo said...

Mind you, when I recall the Lamb on Ashby High Street, I wouldn't have minded walking in there with one of them as a drinking mate!

Bambibasher said...

Originally I thought not bears but a stay behind eleement composed of the mortar platoon from one of the AMF bns!
It fits their MO!

Hippo said...

Brilliant comment, LMAO although in my (only) 12 years in the Army I never once was involved in trashing a joint, honest. That is if you exclude fighting with the RAF at Pop's and Eddie's near JHQ, fighting with RMPs (Malcolm Club JHQ), the Paras in Raol's Rose Garden Whorehouse in Belize, the Royal Hotel, Ashby de la Zouch, against US soldiers in the beer tent on the Nijmegan Marches, against civvies in some club in Shrewsbury that played Northern Soul (forget the name now) and passing the Officer's Mess piano through a toilet seat (for which effect a little structural alteration was necessary), setting fire to it and then throwing the hats of the RMPs that came to arrest us onto the bonfire. Just to name a few to also be taken into consideration, M'Lord.