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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Headteachers whining about exam results

According to Yahoo news The head teachers are whining about the grades;
"Head teachers are demanding that Education Secretary Michael Gove sets up an independent inquiry into this year's GCSE results.

The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has written to Mr Gove and the exams regulator Ofqual, saying that it has been flooded by complaints about late grade changes in English GCSEs.

Unions claim around 4,000 pupils expecting a C grade pass in English were downgraded to a D - delivering a potentially fatal blow to their chances of taking up places to study A-levels.

Exam boards are bracing themselves for legal action and record numbers of appeals over grades from angry pupils and their schools.

But regulator Ofqual says it believes this year's GCSE results are "right"."
Want my view? No well tough you shouldnt be here then;

"What a load of horse poo, this obviously has nothing whatsoever to do with head teachers being on a performance bonus or bond based upon the levels their students achieve is it? I mean betraying them my arse, they are betraying them by letting them think that life is a socialist Idyll where everyone gets top grades and no one ever has to do a shit job. thats why we have unemployment and mass immigration. Teachers need to realise that life outside of their academic and unionised shelters is actually rather tough if you dont put the work in and not everyone will be a brain surgeon!

I know I'll sue the school that 30 years ago wouldnt let me take O Level Maths and made me do CSE because I was a bit thick with numbers then!

What a bunch of whining fannies, grow up!" And its not just me, some of the other comments are interesting;   "liked this commentRate a Thumb UpRate a Thumb Down5users disliked this commentDavid  •  Loughborough, England
 •  30 minutes ago Report Abuse
Setting great example to our children. Not getting your own way? Sue somebody! Remove their gold-plated pensions, massive salaries, and short working year. Pay them on results with penalties for every child criminal, and unemployed teenager. Maybe we would then educate our children to become citizens (or subjects), not examination statistics."
liked this commentRate a Thumb UpRate a Thumb Down2users disliked this commentSimon • London, England • 12 minutes ago Report Abuse

Grade inflation had to stop. Many teachers themselves grew up with this 'prizes for all' ethos. Now reality has started to hit they don't like it......welcome to the real World.

When kids fresh out of school turn up for job interviews with A* in maths and english, but don't appear to be able to add up, read, write or express themselves something fishy is going on and it needs sorting out pronto irrespective of whose feelings might get hurt.     Christopher  •  Bristol, England
 •  43 minutes ago Report Abuse
No legal action when the grades go up for 20 years, but threats when they go don 1/2 % (one in two hundred). Looks like egg on the face of these Heads.

And these are just the ones I like, bunch of muppets the others!

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