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Monday, 13 August 2012

G4S and Coes Sports day are we there yet?

G4S  in a pathetic attempt to deflect criticism from its own crap performance has decided to pump the press with some good news, I'm sure the lads and lasses fresh back from picking up bits of their mates in the sandy shithole  will appreciate a new set of  table tennis bats for the WRVS but I suspect they might have preferred to have had the leave they were due and entitled to!
Bunch of cunts, at least the drug cheat fest is over and wont be here again in my lifetime. I can hopefully now enjoy the spectacle of wheelchair basketball a combat sport only slightly removed from chariot racing, that is assuming the BBC can be bothered to televise those allegedly less able than us?


Hippo said...

"G4S has said it could lose up to 50 million pounds on the Olympics security contract, worth 284 million pounds. Buckles told parliament the group still expected to take its 57 million pound management fee from the Games."

So that's a net gain of 7 million minus 2.5 million equals 4.5 million. Not bad for two week's worth of shambles.

By the way, regarding the grumpiness of your recent posts...

If ever there was a man in dire need of a blow job...

Bambibasher said...

I do need to shoot something, rats arent just enough!