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Monday, 16 July 2012

Another wet weekend

Running the gun dog scurry at the Kent County Show and waiting for pics to come in, yes I forgot to take the camera. There werent that many red cords in evidence, a bit difficult to see under all the waterproofs.
The show itself went well even if we only raised half this year of what we managed last year. Some friends showed up to help and some helpers showed up to be friends. Thanks to all who came, watched, competed or donated.
I have taken on the suggestions and next years comp will have a simplified family dog comp making it a little easier for them. That said some of the times taked for thr family dogs put the trained gun dogs to shame.
The weather was expected but the BBC didnt help by announcing variously that the show was shut, the car parks were shut or only prepaid were being let in. The agricultural society have announced a loss forecast at about £300 000 for this years show. Perhaps 30k of that for a press manager would be well spent!
As soon as the promised pics arrive I'll post them. This is possibly our only outing this year especially as now the CLA has been cancelled again at Belvoir Castle.
So as I said pics up asap. The next thing to avoid is the sports day which if we are lucky will get rained off.

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