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Friday, 22 June 2012

There is often a lot of hot air spouted

About this and that often by folk who would do better to realise they are in a greenhouse and about to start chucking loose gravel about eh CMD? At least though throughout this year of mediaocrity there has been one constant standad of excellence. Yes its in humour for without laughter life would just be doom an gloom or finacial politics as its known in our house. I should like to raise a cheer and a glass (or rather a mug of fine tea) to Al Murray for it is he that has brought us the T shirt of the year;
As a way of thank you to those followers overseas who have yet to experience the talented comdey genius that is Al Murray I will leave you with this;

Thats all folks.


Thomas the Tout said...

Thanks - I enjoyed the introduction to Al Murray. ( Also, I can understand what he is saying - but when you send Billy Connolly over here...well, he is hard work).

Bambibasher said...

Billy Connolly and Rab C Nesbit I find easier to understand than many so called residents of this country, not too worry though Wee Eck will soon have his own country to play with and you can complain direct then!