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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Big Game hunting

This greedy fellah had been sat under my chicken feeder for a few days and he had been quick enough to  dodge me when I triied to get him in the telescopic sights of the air rifle. So I broke out the 9mm rimfire shotgun and first stab with open sights and dead he is;
He is about average size for a local, seen next to my dainty size 11s;
The 9mmrf is a Voere and very good too;
I'm glad I didnt sell it as its ideal for ratting, I wonder if it would work on Foxes?


Brigid said...

He shoots, He scores!

Bambibasher said...

Thank you, its the first time its been used in anger and at quite a distance for such a little gun too. I have owned the gun for close on 20 years and used to use it to introduce the kids to shooting. Now it takes pride of place in my ratting arsenal!

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Is there anything you haven't got in that cupboard?

Bambibasher said...

Well its not as full as it was but things come and go, I have a feeling that this one will stay awhile, bagged another today!