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Thursday, 7 June 2012

BBQ season is on us

Well its wind, rain and the odd bit of sun and at last I am making a dent in these;
I seem to recall that was something like 60 pounds of sausages after we had taken the good roasts and joints off! Its always nice to see a mornings work put to good use;

The  rifle that did the biz is up for sale, Mc Shug however is in Wales;


Anonymous said...

One would need a neck like a giraffe to use that old PH. I take it those high mounts are from when it had the old flip over safety.

Sure is one ugly looking thing.

Bambibasher said...

The large objective lense doesnt help, the rifle has been fitted with a side safety but yes the mausers present their own issues regarding scopes, oddly enough the stock seems to compensate for it and its not uncomfortable from a seat or stood in the woods. I try to avoid shhooting prone nowadays!