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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Theresa May likes it rough?

That toothless tiger the Police federation today gave Theresa May the current (well today at least) Home Secretary a bit of a hard time at their annual conference. Kudos to her though she basically did the right thing and told them to wind their necks in, savings will be made.
I have given it some thought and think that the fed if it was worth its salt should be challenging the enquiry and its findings for many reasons. First of all is the terms of reference for the whole game, cost savings and where they can come from, this courtesy of the Army Rumour Service;
"There is no prescedent which calls for Govts to implement findings of enquiries, in fact there are more cases of them being overturned and new ones started. If cost cutting was the plan then starting at the bottom was the wrong thing to do. The rank and file Peelers no longer support their management, lets face it senior plod havent enjoyed the support and trust of their rank and file for a long time, Graduate entry destroyed that a long time ago!

May could achieve all of the cost savings and more but it wouldnt allow privatised plod in the door which is where the Tory bank roll is coming from. Regionalise the forces, single HR, procurement and central services, do away with Chief constables, they arent needed! "
Sadly the BBC could only manage this;
"There was a time when a Conservative home secretary would get a standing ovation at the Police Federation conference. Willie Whitelaw and Michael Howard were favourites.

That's changed. From the moment officers stood up and held banners saying "Enough is Enough" to the booing and shouts of "resign" as she left the hall, it was clear this relationship is badly broken.

Although officers listened to her speech respectfully, feelings spilled over during questions.

Mrs May was jeered, heckled and, most embarrassing for her, made the subject of a joke by federation chairman Paul McKeever.

He asked people to raise their hands if they thought the Winsor report on police reform was truly independent. When Mr McKeever pointed out no-one had done so - not even the home secretary - it brought the house down. Mrs May sat stoney-faced.

It was an uncomfortable experience for her but with the police facing further cuts there may be more to come."

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