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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

So fancy not going to work and still get paid?

Sounds ideal doesnt it unfortunately it only applies to civil servants and during the Olympics, a bunch of wasters wasting even more money.
"A gold medal for skiving! Civil servants to be allowed to 'work' from home for SEVEN WEEKS during Olympics AND ParalympicsFlexible working arrangements to continue even after Games have finished

Seventeen government departments have signed up to a target to ‘cut or change’ half of journeys by civil servants

Business groups criticised plan that has led to fears of a massive reduction in government work as the country tries to pull itself out of recession

Many civil servants working from home will also have annual leave booked before or after Olympics so work could be backlogged for three months" I know its the Daily Wail but its their job to point out the waste of space and cash Lord Smug Cunt Coes sportsday is costing this country!

Cunts, I just wonder why they are allowed to get away with it?

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