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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Porridge Wogs to Ban airguns?

It seems the Scots are to ban common sense, according to tomorrows fish wrapper ;
"AIRGUNS are to be banned under a new Scots law named after shooting victim toddler Andrew Morton.
Andrew’s parents, who campaigned tirelessly for the ban, were told of the plans when they met Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill yesterday.
Dad Andy was visibly moved as he revealed he and wife Sharon were “over the moon” at the news.
And he said the law would be a “fitting tribute” to his son’s memory.
The couple have been pressing for control of air weapons since Andrew, two, was killed with a shot to the head by junkie thug Mark Bonini in 2005."

Now dont get me wrong, murder is murder but banning fuckwittery would have more impact. The next toddler thats killed crossing the road in Scotland will that cause a ban on cars in Scotia?
I seriously fucking doubt it but then accuracy nor responsibility for their own actions has been a feature of the character of Junkies thugs, newspaper folk or politicians.
Bandwagon jumping wankers the lot of you!
So when the next smack head kills some kiddie with an illegal air gun it wont be because they are banned now will it?
Sometimes I despair at the fuckwittery displayed  by humanity then I look a little closer and thank fuck I dont live in Scotland!

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