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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Janners elect Moose with a red rosette

It seems the citizens of Plymouth who have nothing better to do have elected an 18 year old student to represent a ward on the local council Now I'm not knocking Kate Taylor or her desire to get ahead in life but come on you Janners, its obvious that she has so much more life experience and a full career of work behind her so she can give the benefit of that experience to Plymouth! Probably hasnt even voted herself yet! Now creating a political elite where the selected few (too useless to carve a living themselves are determined to keep their snouts in the public trough at all costs)usually rise through Union ranks for the lefties and PR companies/local council for the right. This one seems to be skipping the hard work and party brown nosing, so bets on her standing as Britains youngest MP hopeful in 2 years? If you despise the local councillors that much then just dont vote for them at all, there must be a point where the numbers of polled electorate falls to such a level that the result is void.

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