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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Further evidence of Darwinism in Scotia

You may or may not recall a very recent post where I pointed out that the Scottish Local Councillors seem to believe that banning or licensing and controlling airguns will stop fuckwittery when there are already in excess of 5 million of them out in circulation in this Island of ours and yet no one seems to consider banning cars when a toddler is run over.
Well how the saying "people in Glass Houses (or Hooses) shouldnt (shouldnae) throw stones" seems to fit this particular case I couldnt possibly comment;
t seems the parents of the poor wee thing were nicked for possesion and intent to supply 6 months before the "Junkie Thug" shot their toddler!
Dont Believe Me? Well here it is and just in case the BBC takes it down here is the text in full;
"Gun victim's parents dealt drugs

Police raided the couple's home after a tip-off

The parents of Glasgow toddler Andrew Morton, who was killed by an airgun pellet, have admitted dealing drugs.
Sharon McMillan and Andy Morton were arrested after a police raid six months before their two year-old son was shot.
Officers discovered £300 worth of cannabis which had been bought to sell to friends in the area.
The pair will be sentenced next month after pleading guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to supplying the drug between July and October 2004.
The court heard that police searched their home in the city's Cambusdoon Road, Craigend, on 12 October following a tip-off.
Cannabis user
McMillan said the several pieces of cannabis wrapped in foil which were found by police was "hash" and that it belonged to her.
The 35-year-old admitted that the dealing had been going on for three months before the raid.
Morton, 31, was quizzed by police and said he had been involved in the dealing as well.
The court heard McMillan had been a "heavy" cannabis user at the time, which had become known within the neighbourhood.
People who wanted the drug would then regularly approach her in a bid to purchase it.
McMillan said the dealing was done to fund more cannabis, but that she now "regretted" what had gone on.
Andrew Morton was shot by Mark Bonini near his home
The couple also faced charges of possessing cannabis and amphetamine on the day of the raid.
But, after discussions between their lawyers and prosecutors, not guilty pleas were accepted to these charges.

Sheriff John Newall delayed sentence pending reports. "

Police raided the couple's home after a tip-off

For fucks sakes folks its liberal wankers like these judges that allows scum like this to peddle drugs to people, lets scum out of custody to then kill toddler offspring of more scum running around outside of their house and we are expected to feel sorry for them?
Fuck em, lock them all up, build more prisons and fill them up.

"The appearance in the dock comes less than a year after their young son Andrew died.
He was killed after being struck on the head with an airgun pellet just yards from his home last March.
Mark Bonini was later convicted of his murder and jailed for life at the High Court in Glasgow. "

Well if that isnt Darwinism in action then nothing is!

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