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Thursday, 19 April 2012

A wet and windy day

I took a train journey or 3 to go to Northanpton to see a man about a dog, ok a job then! I hadnt quite expected the sunshine coast to be as blowy that morning as it was, Southern have decided to power their new card readers using solar power, I have the feeling that wind power may have blown a few fuses, is this the pictorial definition of optimism;
I had often thought this, its nice of Boris' team to confirm it for me;
On the way through London Victoria the London Taxi Benevolent Association for War Disabled was rattling its tins. I normally have nothing but disdain for London cab drivers but this warmed even cynical old me so I popped a couple of quid in.
This morning the weather had settled down again and the water butts were overflowing but best of all I had a Magpie in my Larssen trap. A quick nip out before breakfast and I poped it in the centre compartment and reset the trap. When I came down for breakfast another, possibly its mate had occupied the same trap. Well if anyone needs a call bird in East Sussex today before dusk let me know as I'd rather it went as a call bird than was just despatched;

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