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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wasting our money By Lord itoveryou Coe

Yes the launching of the Olympic Motto by the wet Coe, Inspire a generation!

Inspire to what you Pinko scumbag?
inspire them to waste vast sums of public money so you can bask in reflected glory of those overpaid pampered career atheletes?
Inspire them to Ignore Northern Ireland and only have Team GB as your team name?
Inspire them to take the piss with overpriced tickets at event locations which will be stripped out leaving no legacy?
Inspire them to be a bunch of political trough pigs sucking at the teat of the public purse for a career?
No thanks muppets, if London was shut for a month during the self back patting love in that is the olympics then I personally wouldnt miss it.
Stick it up your arse!


Hippo said...

I guess all this London Olympics has got up your nose a little bit?

Thomas the Tout said...

I surmise that you are a tad upset about this Olympics business!
Then again, there is probably good justification for your stance.
Here in Oz, when Sydney hosted the Olympics, a team of dry humourists lead by Clark and Dawe, had good fun sending-up the organising committee. Things have not changed.

Bambibasher said...

I dont hate sports competitors per se but its all about money and their careers. Personally I see the Olympic bandwagon as a massive financial drain on the economy and any attempt to make it the best olympics ever is money wasted. If we must have it then lets have shooting at Bisley, Swimming in Streatham Lido and Running in Hyde Park. The money wasted on these events especially where they are being torn down after is criminal and shows how much lip service the egomaniac politicians have paid to the ideal of a lasting legacy for the country.
Cunts the lot of them, I'd restage the 1948 games in all its austerity measures! retro thats the only way to outdo the others!