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Thursday, 26 April 2012

United we stand?

This Blog is well written (ok grammar isnt everything now my Nana is passed on I can say that!) and points out the problems in the shooting community as our PR people would like us to be known but the Gun Lobby as those 4 New Labour Acolytes of the GCN would have us called.
I am reasonably relaxed about the whole debate but I do have deep seated mistrust of at least one  of the paper punching mobs, the NRA. This is the bunch of overpaid self promoted clowns who responded to the Last Labour Home Office Consultation stating that all shooting should be regulated and shooters trained with themselves being the organisation responsible for this and receiving public money to ensure that they do.
I'm not above empire building myself, after all they can bring good things but having endured NRA training courses I cant believe they have the experience nor the will to teach properly field sport shooting of live quarry. After all we saw how shabbily they behaved to the other paper punchers in 88 and 97 when they preferred to stay quiet rather than represent those who paid them, makes you wonder if an organisation that allows its stock of historic weapons donated from members to be stolen and sold by its own staff, its section 7 ammunition held for members to be pilfered and not even offer an apology can be trusted to do anything more than charge like a wounded rhino?
If shooting falls in this country it wont be for the want of dedicated individuals but because of idiots like the NRA who have done more to damage shooting than any utter with a gun or a writer for the guardian (I should have said crayoner as a 2 year old could produce better less vitriolic bile masquerading as journalism). I suppose that's it Rant over but one thing I will leave you with is that should the worst happen and shooting does cease to exist away from inner city crime and pest control (the same thing surely) then I for one wont waste my time mourning over the remains of Bisley camp when it gets bulldozed for Housing!

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