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Thursday, 5 April 2012

So earlier this week

I fixed up the new water butt, 60 Gallons in the front of the house complements the 1000 litre one at the rear;
Of course we have yet to have any rain worthy of the name but I was in Derby on Tuesday and it always manages to rain there. I also found the pub I made my full and final conversion to real ale in way back in 1997;
Now its a brewery as well so I sampled the odd pint;
And an even odder one or two;
Meanwhile in gods waiting room its still fairly mild, no rain and no snow, fingers crossed!

1 comment:

Hippo said...

Man, you really know how to rub it in. I would give a lot for a decent pint.

I signed up at Derby Army Careers Information Office in 1978, by the way.