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Monday, 30 April 2012

It means cyclist Millar and sprinter Chambers, who have both admitted cheating with drugs, will be eligible to compete for Team GB at the Games

So sport eh, riven by professional cheats and drug cheats too, now look at this bit of news. I wonder if this will make the main news and what Lord Tax you all Coe will say about their possible inclusion in Team GB (Not UK but GB?) I would again like to point out the headline; It means cyclist Millar and sprinter Chambers, who have both admitted cheating with drugs, will be eligible to compete for Team GB at the Games Did you get that, we can jump for joy and select two drug cheats that have admitted it. Now if these two were train drivers or airline pilots admitting drug taking would get them treatment but these two were caught and like drug takers in airline and train driving jobs would be sacked and banned for life but then that would indicate a desire for fairness across the board and we all know the olympic spirit is all about taxing you the public so the circus can roll on and on. I have thought long and hard about this and as I cant afford to fuck off overseas I will keep the television switched off for the whole cheatfest!


Hippo said...

This is outrageous.

Maybe WADA would like to issue us parents guidelines on educating our children about honesty, integrity and fair play. I thought I had a handle on that but in light of this ruling, clearly I was deluding myself.

Well, let us wait and see. The ruling only says the lifetime ban was illegal and the BOA have acknowledged that they are now eligible for selection. They don't have to select them but if they do, it will be a salutary reminder that greed, in this cae medal lust will, for the morally shaky individuals involved in the administration of our teamss will be too tempting.

Bambibasher said...

"Morally shaky?" I do believe you are casting them in a much better light than they deserve.
The funniest thing to come out of this is Chambers Lawyer;
Following the ruling, Chambers' lawyer Siza Agha said the BOA had been "crude and defiant" in its determination not to comply with Wada.

Agha said: "In my view, as hosts for the 2012 Olympics, this delicate and emotive issue required international diplomacy, foresight and responsibility.

"What we have received has been a crude and defiant display fuelled by misguided statements such as 'we have standards and the rest of the world doesn't'.

"It has, in my view, been an exposure of colonial arrogance that even the most extreme and blinkered should have realised could only serve to marginalise British opinion on the international stage."

Colonial arrogance? WTF is that man on. Once a drugs cheat always a drugs cheat, there is no such thing as an ex drugs cheat, thats like saying ex murderer.
The so called world sports personalities are all lining up behind him claiming that they see the drug takers at every event!

then dont compete if its corrupt all you are doing iis reinforcing the corruption, 2 wrongs dont make a right and its all about money.