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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

With aircon and cup holders and a few extras

sadly not embedded this time but well worth watching, with cup holders


Hippo said...


I winced at £90K never mind the price of the black model.

Alvis Stalwart FV620. If that was the baseline set in 1959, the Unimog is hardly keeping up with technological advances over the last half decade and is testament to the fact that better vehicles were built here but we could not market them or build them quick enough.

Imagine if Alvis had enjoyed the benefit of another fifty years of sales funded R&D.

Bambibasher said...

Indeed, the mog was the result of West German spec for border police and pushed along by Nato I seem to remember reading somewhere. It was widely exported and like land rover it has undergone massive development from its early 1950's basic model into the super agri industry beast it is now. worn out models are a snip at 10k.

Hippo said...

I remember them as a kid (I was born and brought up in Germany) and saw them used by the Grenzschutzpolizei, emergency services, forestry, rich farmers, ski resorts, you name it. There, though, they were being driven by Germans.

Come to Angola and I can show you fields full of them that were driven by Angolan military.