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Friday, 9 March 2012

Testing the 6.5 Grendel

So ammo delivered, scope mounted and range sorted;

Weather turned out nice, Paul had to break in the barrel so it was shoot 1, clean, shoot 3 clean etc but it soon passed and we got on with the zeroing;

Testing was done using the chrono (an F1) to see what the Hornady 123 grain ammo would produce in a shorter barrel;

The MV was compared against moderater fitted and surprisingly went up by an average of 30 feet per second;

Testing continues and the chrono screen is easily readable from 5 metres away;

Lots more testing, in all 10 rounds fired through the chrono each with and without the mod fitted;

It was a bit windy which didnt seem to affect the round one bit;

Some initial stiffness with closing the bolt seems to be down to the new chamber and factory ammo, fired cases closed well enough so it seems that neck sizing may be the way ahead;

Some results were very interesting and the mod was quite cool despite some reasonably rapid fire, it did however cause the shots to pattern about 3 inches lower at 100 yards. Perhaps thats a result of the increased velocity?

Finally I get a go;

All in all a thoroughly enjoyed day, Paul likes his toy, I am impressed with the quality of workmanship from Riflecraft, this is only the beginning for this rifle and many more to come!

Time to let Bambi meet Grendel!


Hippo said...

Nice to see two blokes who really know how to shoot in action.

Bambibasher said...


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

You weren't tempted to dad's army style bring down the little plane on the sound track then?

Keep well

Bambibasher said...

Surprising how noisy a cessna sized plane can be in the middle of nowhere, or as close to it as you are going to get around here!

happybonzo said...

Many thanks; looking forward to seeing more results

Bambibasher said...

Well we should have the new ground sorted next month so it might loose its cherry on a Fallow Buck in August or a Roebuck asap!