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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

More green taxes and Tossers

So the BBC trumpet the latest greenwash event where the Govt have decided to discount the sales of electric vans. The Govt will "Still, the government is determined to fund electric motoring for at least another three years, as part of its plan to meet ambitious emissions targets."
This means the Govt will pay the difference between the vans retail price and its sale price. yes you have it right the Govt are discounting van sales. Now pardon me but I thought the Govt ran things like the country. If I want to save an alleged £100 for every 1000 miles travelled then I should pay the difference myself.
However the Govt and that actually means you will pay up to £8000 towards the cost of white van mans attempts to clog roads although whilst double parking and speeding through town they will avoid congestion charges and road fund duty which means that you and I the tax payer will stump the bill and the Govt can me all smug about the 15% increase in household bills to pay for all of this shit!
And they wonder why we think they are all professional tossers!
Admittedly I do have a thing for Justine Greening!

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Hippo said...

van Grant. Sounds like a Dutch Green Peace activist. And about as much fucking use.