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Monday, 13 February 2012

Justice UK style 2012

Take a look at this folks, I would like you to compare the two cases outlined in the links below;
Orpington Man Tappins set up in a sting operation which may be illegal is to be deported having had his case ignored by the European court of Human rights!
And this;
Abu Qatada a rabble rousing terrorist supporter who may be tortured or have evidence gained from torture used against him.
Christopher Tappin is aged 65 years and if he is taken to the USA may never return and fears that he wont get a fair trial.
Well Call Me Dave put your money where your mouth is and look after your own people and not those who wish to destroy our country and way of life!

Go on Dave grow a pair, even Farage stands up for him!

That man gets my vote next time!

1 comment:

Hippo said...

Makes you sick.

You want to see how fast the Angolan authorities would toss my sorry arse on a plane back to UK if I stepped out of line. Overstay your visa here? US$150 per DAY fine and they'll lock you up if you don't cough.

You're a foreigner, haven't got a job and you are starving? Borrow some money off a relative and go home.

Oh, you are sick and cannot pay for treatment? Borrow some money off a relative and go home.

You are homeless? Go home.

You think England is better than Angola? Well you know where the airport is.