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Friday, 3 February 2012

Grendel an adventure in 6.5mm

The courier delivered Claypigs new toy, it doesnt seem a fortnight since I sent this one off for rebarrelling to 6.5 Grendel, an interesting and deer legal calibre made from necking down the M43 case which is a 7.62 x 39 Russian intermediate round. this one started as a bog standard CZ527 in 7.62 x 39. Owned by Archer it was traded in and I picked it up and sent it off for a new barrel;

At first glance it appears to be a slim sporter profile barrel of 22 inches on the bog standard carbine body. Which it basically is;

The barrel is stamped with the calibre;

No alterations to the reciever it seems and the silver/satin barrel looks nice next to the black of the original;

The extra length on the barrel isnt instantly noticeable or apparrent and it actually doesnt feel too long or unweildy;

The fit of the barrel in the existing furniture is very good and is a close match on the donor rifle so it floats well enough;

So I decided to fit the moderator supplied by Riflecraft, a Spartan by Third eye tactical and nice and light it is;

It does add to the length despite the mod going almost 2 thirds of its own length over the barrel, it is a nice snug fit and leaves no marks on the barrel;

Here it is compared to the original, a slightly newer model fitted with a scope but no moderator;

Side by side no moderator fitted;

Same again but the moderator is close by so you can see how big it is;

Another close up again;

This time withh the moderator fitted;

I suppose you might be interested in my views? Well the barrel is well made and fitted well, service was speedy and everything asked for was delivered and further options were offered. Nice I can recommend Riflecraft their staff were friendly and helpful over the phone and their service was speedy and top notch.
Its nice to get this level of service here in the UK and a good level of support over the phone. The real proof of the pudding will be when we get the scope mounted and ammunition delivered. Then its down to us!

This now means I have a spare barrel so I shall keep that as an original and use the one fitted to mine for threading for another sound moderator. Fun times ahead!


mcshug said...

Thats a nice gun rack

Bambibasher said...

Make a nice wall mounted rack when you make your mind up how its to be cut!

Walter Zoomie said...

Guns are frightening. ;)

Nice looking boomsticks you got there, mate.

I recently purchased a CZ product as well, but it is of the "hide-under-you-coat" variety.


For now, those of us on this side of the pond can still do such things.

For now...