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Friday, 17 February 2012

A busy couple of days

A stalking course for Darrun who did really well especially on the written test, we had a good couple of stalks in the woods and even got very close to a small herd of fallow does in one wood. Sadly we came across an already dead fallow doe on the floor. As it has been covered by snow for a week it could have been dead for that long at least;
Some investigation showed no rigor mortis so it was easily a few days old and it had been badly gut shot and laid up to die where we found it. The neighbouring wood has a high seat in it so if the stalker hit this deer from there it could only have moved about 100 yards before dying. A sad waste of a fine beast;

With another course to run on monday and tuesday, the shoot clay shoot tomorrow and a trip to a mates place in London on saturday night I am very busy.

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