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Friday, 3 February 2012

Bens Birthday

Ben and I having spent the morning in an armed dog walk spent the evening watching two fairly evenly matched football teams make the usual drama queens of themselves in an attempt to convince the referee that they deserved a penalty and their employers that they deserved their wages! The Crystal Palace versus Bankrupt and Hove Albion match at Selhurst Park was very cold and very late with an 8pm kick off and Southern Railway combining with Network Rail to make the journey home as late as possible. At least the ground looked in good condition during the warm up;

The real and really big eagle mascot/pest controller was on display;

As was the silly looking person in a bird suit one;

The players came onto the pitch;

As did the eagle proving that hunting away fans is exempt under the hunting act;

The Game went on and on ending one all after two dubiously awarded penalties although the Baldy Headed Linesman on our side of the pitch missed little and certainly did a very good job;

A little footage from the game;

Then on the next night we contemplated opening the bottle of 1985 vintage port gifted by bens Uncle Simon at his christening in 1991. He came back to late from the pub so we opened it last night and very nice it was too;

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