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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Whilst I am bashing Politicians

That wholly useless You Gov No 10 Downing Street petition website is a total waste of time, I have lost count of the times it has rejected my petitions which would put an answer once and for all to that other wholly useless Govt item, the Inquiry into sleaze, jobs for family members and allowances scandal.
Now I'm no fan of a return to MP's working for free, albeit a nice thought that would possibly exclude those for whom serving the country would be good for the country.
Now we all know that they receive additional income to fund a home in London, travel on duty and also an amazing set off perks at the commons such as subsidized bars and restaurants.
I have a fairly simple plan for this.
1. They are in service and no longer in power.
2. All travel to work is paid for by themselves bar end of term rail tickets at standard class to home address for themselves and their family.
3. Accommodation equal to existing armed forces accommodation in the capital is provided for which they are charged the same rate as serving forces personnel. Also the same for married MPs but with Married Quarters.
4. Meals are subsidised for them on duty to the same rate as serving forces personnel.
5. Holidays are taken at the same paid amount as every other working person in the country. This would allow constituency offices to be manned and the public servant to serve the public.

Now pick the bones out of that! If they want more money for their jobs then they should work for that money and only be paid based upon the performance of the national economy!


Hippo said...


I waded through all these recent posts and agree with you wholeheartedly but on a New Year's Day, couldn't you have concentrated on a leg over instead like all us normal folk?

Happy New Year.

Bambibasher said...

Having spent all last night being a fool and trying to point out to a dane living in Scotland that independance shouldnt be wasted selling out to Brussels just to win the so called freedom they believe they want and will get. Well who will pay the Brussels bill for Scotland, the scottish taxpayers thats who.
Yes I need a blow job!