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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Welcome please Inspector Gadget

The voice of common sense perhaps or just fed up with the inevitable round of talking (dick)heads waiting to be wheeled out.
Any my response was to the point!

" Well as a shooter professional and recreational I welcome the common sense approach and I dont read the printed press so discount them anyway.
As an ex soldier I have worked... with Police in difficult situations and know its not an easy career even over this side of the Irish sea!
Now if ACPO aka the fundraising arm of the politically biased PC World brigade can temper their enthusiasm for more legislation then perhaps some good can come from this.
In fact a cynic would say we should be banning taxi drivers, in fact a sick cynic would say perhaps that removing himself and offspring from the gene pool with firearms was infinitely better and less of a danger to the public than him taking a cab full of drunken geordies down the A1 and into the path of a school bus.
Perhaps he has done us all a favour.
Durham Police get the wally quote of the day though,
“I’d like to assure everyone that Durham Police are in charge and will be innvestigating this case!” Crystal Ball failure? Methinks they have a Ouija board on issue if they are going to find everything out.
You cant legislate against lunacy and the latest PNC flavour shows FAC and SGC holders but without a human to make the link and ask its still an expensive and possibly pointless addition to your armoury.
As for banning guns?
Perhaps banning expressing opinions on subjects people know little about would be more sensible!

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