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Monday, 23 January 2012

SNP and defence, not really Wee Ecks Thing!

“The SNP wants Trident out and I don’t disagree with that. But they also want to keep the jobs. They can’t have it both ways. Either it is Trident out and we are sorry about the jobs. Or they say the jobs are more important than the ideology.”

An interesting quote from this source which shows how little thought has been given to the massive problems that will come with independance!
Interesting times ahead!


Hippo said...

Are you turning into a right wing version of Citizen Smiff by any chance?

I agree about Trident. To that you can add the new fighter the Yanks have sold us that can't land on the carriers we don't have.

Bambibasher said...

I like that "Free enterprise for Tooting!"
I have never been a fan of our not so independant nuclear deterrant which only really deters Govts from saying no to the Admirals. Billions blown on soggy rockets that we cant use without the permission of the US so why bother having them, sub launched cruise with conventional is ok but we cant afford a defence force let alone an expeditionary one so time to cut the cloth!

Hippo said...

I seem to recall something about not having won a battle until an Infantryman stood on the objective. A light one, of course, I hasten to add...

You seen my half brother Vladimir from Kyyiv's blog yet? He is trying to come to UK. I think he may inadvertently take the piss out of a lot of things here such as Human Rights, Immigration Laws, Welfare, Benefit Entitlements, Political Corruption maybe even Defence Policy. He is still learning English so give him time to warm up.