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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Last syndicate day of the season

Oddly enough despite the truck battery letting me down we managed half a day at Boreham Street on Friday and the dogs loved the chance to work fields rather than woods. Iain looked after us and we were graciously fed and watered here afterwards;

The total bag at our final day wasnt massive, luckily one of the beaters bagged a tree rat which boosted numbers. I suspect thgis is not having all the feeders topped off all the time. A simple solution really!

Now the work starts; pen repairs, feeder repairs, waterers repairs, you get the theme here?
ther is a lot of work to do to keep the remaining birds on the wood and get it ready for next seasons poults!

I do have the end of season walk around on tuesday morning, a sort of cocks and boundary day. Fingers crossed

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